4 ways to grow your band's email list

It has been said over and over that you need to grow an email list because it is ultimately the only thing you have complete control over. It is also a big deal when someone allows you space in their inbox, so take advantage of that! But what people don’t tell you is actually how to grow that email list. So, here is a checklist of ways to generate more email sign ups using your Squarespace site and MailChimp!

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This is a must! Create and trade exclusive content for email addresses! This is not only proven to get results, but it will help you grow your list with ideal fans!

Offer a free song download, preview of a music video, a discount code for your album store, a chance to win a giveaway package, etc.!


Create a cover page

Creating a Cover Page will allow you to welcome your site viewers an incentive to join your mailing list without any distractions. With the option to either sign up for your offer or enter the site, you have a 50/50 chance of catching a viewer's email!

• • •

Login to Squarespace > Pages > Scroll down to the Not Linked page section > + Add a Cover Page

Edit text, images, style to match your branding

Action > Replace "Get Notified" with "Enter Site" > Edit URL to site homepage

Action > Form > Add "Button Label" titled "Subscribe" > Click Edit Form > Delete Subject and Message fields > Click Storage > Connect to Mailchimp and select a list > Click Advanced and customize submit label and message > Save

Return to Pages dashboard > hover over your new Cover Page and click the settings icon > Scroll down and click "Set as homepage" > Save


Add an announcement bar

If a viewer decides to enter your site instead of sign up for your mailing list, that's ok! This is where the announcement bar can help. Maybe someone opted to enter the site to get to know you a little better before giving you their email address... understandable, right? But make sure to remind them that your offer still stands with an announcement bar!

• • •

Login to Squarespace > Design > Announcement Bar > Enable Announcement Bar > Add text to direct site viewers to a sign up page > Set the "clickthrough URL" to your sign up page

Return to Design dashboard > Style Editor > Edit Announcement Bar font and colors


Create a newsletter block in the pre-footer

Pre-Footer content shows up on every page. It's a great spot to not only add your social icons but also a newsletter block! It might sound overwhelming to add all three of these options to your website, but I promise it's not. The average person will only spend a minute and a half on your site, so you need to make it easy for them to subscribe to your list so you can continue the communication even after they've left your website!

• • •

Hover over Pre-Footer Content and click Edit > Add Newsletter block > Customize title and description text > Click Storage > Connect to Mailchimp and select a list > Click Advanced and customize submit label and message > Save

Return to Design dashboard > Style Editor > Edit Newsletter block font, colors, and padding

Katherine Forbes

Nashville, TN