5 reasons why I use Squarespace

It's been almost a year since I've been using Squarespace exclusively. There are so many things I love about this platform... but here are my top 5 reasons why I use Squarespace to create websites!


When I first started using Squarespace I invited my husband's mom and aunt over for a mini website building session to test my ability to explain the platform to people who, well, aren't that tech savvy. They were adding photos and changing alignment on their mockup Taylor Swift websites in no time! If you can drag and drop, you can use Squarespace!

Design edit live preview

I spent my senior year of college creating a website from scratch and am very proud of my coding knowledge. So many of my nights were spent figuring out how to align content, add drop shadows, create custom navigation menus, and then make sure it was compatible on all devices and browsers (before I even had an iPhone/iPad)! Squarespace's design tool is not only the easiest thing ever to use, but you can see the changes you're making in real time!

Amazing Templates

There are lots of sophisticated templates to choose from on Squarespace. (Pacific is my favorite though!) Check out the template gallery for yourself!

Automatically Mobile-Friendly

No need to add a plugin to ensure that your website will be mobile-friendly because Squarespace templates are compatible with any device... you can even preview how your site will look on a phone and tablet from your computer. Nifty. Want to know if your site is mobile-friendly? Take Google's test (just put in your URL)!

Detailed Commerce

The whole reason I stumbled across Squarespace in the first place was because I needed a better way to set up my mom's online stationery shop. Setting up products to sell on Squarespace is not only easy but completely customizable! You can track inventory, set up multiple product variations (sizes/colors), add several product photos, categorize products, use forms to collect various information, create discount codes, issue refunds and even partial refunds... it's amazing!

squarespace music websites

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Katherine Forbes

Nashville, TN