8 Audit Sessions Available!

Katherine Forbes digital management

I am excited for you to be the first to know I am officially launching my Digital Management services -- and this month I will be offering a limited number of free social media audit sessions. All you have to do is register and I'll call you at our scheduled time to give you advice on all things online and social media for 20 minutes! You'll leave the call with feedback and action steps for moving forward.

Here's why I am so passionate about making these services available to you... it starts with my love for music.

All the time I see musicians who have broken ticket links and social media icons on their website, blurry Facebook profile photos, missing social media banner graphics, no branding consistency across social platforms, and of course the many abandoned Twitter accounts... you get the point. But, then I hit play on the music videos or audio tracks and am blown away by the talent! So when I can use design and marketing strategy to help artists better share their music online -- it makes me so happy!

During the month of May I was able to triple a client's Twitter followers and almost double their Instagram followers. Now, there are that many more people with eyes on all the amazing material they are sharing! And we're only just getting started!

If you're feeling like your online presence isn't in line with the music you're creating, grab your spot for a free audit session (quick, there are only 8) and check out the full service Digital Management packages. Even if you feel like you've got a handle on branding and socials, just think about how much more time you could spend writing and practicing if you didn't have to stress about keeping up online too!

Photo by Katie Whelley

Katherine Forbes

Nashville, TN