Flatlay Photography for Musicians

Flatlay photography is all over Instagram right now, but it doesn't have to be just for bloggers! In this post I'll show you how to take flatlay images as well as give you a list of 2 weeks worth of flatlay ideas and a flatlay freebie for your own music Instagram account!


What you'll need:

2 white foam boards
Window(s) & natural light

Flatlay Photography for Musicians


Step 1: Set your foam boards near a window.

If all you've got to work with is a chair or a couch - that will do the trick! Set one foam board up on your table or couch as your flat background and the other perpendicular to reflect the light coming in from outside.

katherine forbes nashville musician photography
flatlay photography how-to

Step 2: Position your object on the foam board.

Step 3: Put your iPhone camera on square photo mode.

Step 4: Stand and shoot directly over the board and take several photos.

Experiment with the negative space. You can center the object or have it off to the side... take a close up crop photo or a photo of the whole object...

Step 5: Open your Camera Roll and click Edit on your favorite image.

Step 6: Open Light & Color settings (3rd icon on bottom next to "Done") and edit to whiten background and remove any shadows.

See images below for exact settings I used on my headphones photo. I know at first 9 settings can seem like A LOT... but you can pretty much always count on Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, and Black Point to go up (+) and Saturation and Cast to go down (-).

iphone light settings for white background
iphone color settings for white background

Step 7: Close & Save and repeat for any additional images you took!

I always open my photo in the Camera Roll after I edit as a white background color test comparison. If it doesn't match the white just right, I will tweak my edits. See below for before and after photos.

headphone photo

Photo ideas

1. Your instrument
2. Handwritten set list
3. Album (lots of variations here: CD, vinyl, disc, case, insert...)
4. Stickers on your instrument case
5. New instrument strings
6. Handwritten lyrics / chords
7.  Studio equipment (headphones, cables, microphones, etc.)
8. Tour poster
9. Merch (t-shirts, CDs, koozies, etc.)
10. Tickets to your shows
11. Your website (or social media) on your iPhone or iPad
12. Map of your tour route
13. Handwritten note to fans ("Thanks for following!" or "What song should we include in our set tonight?" or write out the details of your next show)
14. Instrument accessories (guitar picks, tuner, capo, etc.)

Post this right now!

Save this headphone image and share on your Instagram. Make sure to tag @designingtherow so I can like your post!

@designingtherow headphone image

Katherine Forbes

Nashville, TN