Moving to Nashville

Moving to Nashville - My Music Industry Story

Five years ago I came to Nashville with my bags packed for three days. I had a flip phone, a GPS with a broken screen, and I didn’t know one person. Sounds promising, right? Not exactly.

Even though I might not have had everything going for me five years ago, I haven’t left Nashville since! After applying to countless jobs online (only to never hear back) and doing various freelance projects for free — it felt like I’d never get a real job.

Once I landed the internship at an artist management company, I was constantly creating lists and spreadsheets so I could keep track of all that was going on (I didn’t even know what artist management was when I interviewed). But, it turned out I wasn’t the only one those resources were benefitting because I got hired several months later for that very reason! Now years later you bet I’ve found myself with a bunch of checklists.

So, earlier this year I started sharing bits and pieces of these resources on my blog and people started reaching out to me wanting to know more! That’s when I decided to put it ALL into one workbook.

I printed the first few copies at FedEx. I was so proud of the printer paper folded in half and tied together with grey and white stripe ribbon. Everything I’d learned for the past few years in one place with one cohesive look. It was exciting!

I shared with some friends, but they still wanted more.

After some thought, I realized that simply giving everyone dozens of checklists wasn’t going to do much good unless I actually explain how and why to use them!

The half page checklist that got me a paid job in my dream city and industry has now become a 100 page workbook. This time it’s a glossy full cover paperback book, and I’ve titled it Market Your Music Online!

If you feel lost in the online marketing world, I’m here for you! Thankfully for you, you don’t have to get past the internet-less flip phone and literally being lost in a new city with no friends to learn what it took me five years to figure out! To celebrate releasing the workbook this week, I am offering it at $5 off... but only through Sunday, so make sure to get those pre-orders in!

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Katherine Forbes

Nashville, TN