Part 1: How to manage your band with (mostly free) technology!

Itineraries. Calendars. E-blasts. Social media. Graphic design. Music distribution. Merch sales. Merch production. Website. Tour dates. Videos. It's a lot to handle! Over the years I've come across many platforms, but have finally come up with my holy grail of band management technology! I know it looks like a lot but I'll explain how each one will make your life easier!


Google Drive

Itineraries and calendars are always changing, right? Google Drive is a great platform to use if you need to share documents and be able to update in real time. Even multiple people on different devices can edit at the same time. Done. Sold.

Google Drive >>


Have files that various people might need to reference often but not necessarily update frequently? Dropbox is great for documents like liner notes, photos, lyrics, sales reports, riders, stage plots... you get the point.

Dropbox >>

MyEmma & MailChimp

By now everyone knows that space in a fan's inbox is very valuable. MyEmma and MailChimp both have easy drag and drop layout templates to help you design emails to spread the news about your upcoming tour dates or album!

MyEmma >> MailChimp >>


If you're like me, you probably spend a lot of time on social media both personally and on your band accounts! Buffer will let you batch edit, schedule, AND post to various platforms all at once. Not only does it save time but it's great to see everything together as a big picture.

Buffer >>

Do you have favorite online platforms you use to stay organized? Share in the comments or on Twitter @kforbes24!

Katherine Forbes

Nashville, TN