Part 3: How to manage your band with (mostly free) technology

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As an artist, Bandsintown is a way to share your tour dates with fans. It comes with an easy embed for your website, is controlled through a Facebook app, and they also just announced that you will be able to get analytics on click throughs to ticket pages! As a fan, it's a great way to get local live music and concert recommendations for your town. 

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Artist Growth

Artist management software used by major management companies and independent artists to manage touring, finances, royalties, data, and more. It's everything in one place. It looks good. And makes life easier!

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While similar function to Bandsintown, BandPage amplifies connections to fans on Spotify, YouTube, Google, and more. Sell everything from traditional merchandise to VIP meet & greets to private house party concerts through the BandPage Store.

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QuickTime made the list because of the recording features. Don't have a camera or don't want to use your phone? Open up QuickTime and File > New Movie Recording! 

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Once you've recorded in QuickTime, open your video clips in iMovie to make edits, at titles, music, etc. From iMovie, you can upload directly to YouTube.

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