The workbooks are coming!

For the next few days you can expect to find me waiting for the Market Your Music Online workbooks to arrive! (I've even signed up for text alerts.) If you've seen me in person recently and have asked about my workbook, my response has probably been, "yeah, do you want to see it?" - and some lucky people even got the "can I take your picture with it?" question from me too! 


What I am most excited about is that each person will come away from the workbook with a personalized marketing strategy! 

Maybe you're wondering more about what's inside, and how I can be so confident that I can guide people through creating a marketing strategy for their music with just a workbook.

When I say marketing strategy I'm talking about... how do you stand out, who are you talking to, why do you hashtag, how do you keep track, what is your brand style, what and when should you post, is your YouTube channel good enough, what's your email conversion rate? The workbook also includes marketing rules and social media challenges! 

The truth is that online marketing is different for everyone. But after going through my 90 pages of questions, checklists, challenges, and rules - I promise you will see more engagement from your fans while also having some fun along the way!

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Katherine Forbes

Nashville, TN