You're doing it all wrong on YouTube

you're doing it all wrong on youtube

20 Steps to make your YouTube channel work for you!

To begin, make sure you're logged into your account.

Channel Navigation

1 On your channel homepage, hover under the right corner of your channel art and above your subscriber count
2 Click on the edit pencil icon
3 Click Edit Channel Navigation
4 Enable to Customize the layout of your channel
5 Click Save

Create Playlists

6 Click playlists on your channel navigation
7 Create new playlists (Pro Tip: You can add videos to playlists even if you didn't upload them)

Channel Content

8 Set a video for returning subscribers
9 Set a video trailer for new visitors

Channel Sections

10 Click the Add a section button
11 Content > Playlists > Single Playlist
12 Layout > Horizontal Row
13 Choose a playlist > Select a playlist you create in step 7 (sometimes it takes some time for the new playlists to show up, so you can enter the playlist URL)
14 Click Done and repeat to add other playlists

Featured Channels

15 Click the edit icon > edit module in the right corner of the Featured Channels box
16 Curate featured channels that are relevant to you instead of having random and unrelated channels appear in your sidebar


17 Click About in your channel navigation
18 Add or update your channel description
19 Add links to your website and social media accounts under Links


20 Reply and thank fans for their comments on your videos

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