Dining Room Progress

Our dining room has come a long way in the 3 months we’ve been in this house… and while it’s not totally put together and done, I wanted to share some progress pictures with you today because I painted the floating shelves last night and want to show them off!

Before & After

What we’ve done so far…


The first thing you see when you walk in the house is what’s now the black accent wall. While I think Chris would’ve preferred I put the cabinet on that wall because it has more space, I wanted to make a statement on that wall - so I painted it black! It’s also next to a wall of windows and I didn’t want to put anything to large there that would block the beautiful windows or natural light. The china cabinet on the light gray wall is what you see when you come in the side door, so it gives a totally different vibe which I think is really fun. I’ve loved playing with the smaller space in this house (compared to our last house) and really playing up every area.

Floating Shelves

I asked Chris to make me floating shelves and he did SO good! My plan the whole time has been to paint them black but so many of you told me on Instagram that you loved them natural, some of you suggested I paint them white, and others of you said I should stain them to match the trim. My mom was pretty much the only one on #TeamBlackPaint with me. So, I lived with the natural wood look for a couple months and waited until I found a cabinet just so I could be 100% confident in my decision to paint them black. And I have to say, I LOVE them black. They truly are floating shelves now. It was never about making the shelves a focal point (sorry Chris, you really did make the perfect shelves), it was about the overall statement that wall as a whole would make and I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Before we moved, Chris told me he wanted me to decorate with more color. So, my first purchase for this house (before we even moved) was the rug in this room. Since then I’ve ordered several other rugs from the same company because I love this one so much.

Shop the look…

Table & Chairs: Hayneedle
Rug: Overstock / Safavieh
China Cabinet: Nadeau
Paint: Sherwin Williams
Floating Shelves: Wood from Lowe’s, built by Chris
Floating Shelf Decor: At Home, Target, Michael’s, Cool Stuff Weird Things, and some art by Chris!

Still to do…

  • Level the china cabinet

  • Replace the ceiling light

  • Find a solution that can replace the curtains - I’m thinking roman shades

  • Patch and repaint when we take down the curtain rods

  • Finish dealing with the ceiling leak

  • Paint the beige trim on the side door white

  • Unbox my fancy plates and fill up the china cabinet

  • Replace the yellow light switches with white

  • Replace or paint the yellow air filter cover (whatever it’s called 😉)

Some photos are from my iPhone and others from my DSLR. I’m trying to get better at taking pictures in manual on my Canon, but I’m not perfect yet so please don’t be too hard on the photo quality!


Katherine Forbes | Dining room decor