Home Tour: Our First Home

Home sweet Wilhugh… this house has such a sweet story. Stories, actually.

This house was built in the 1950s by Chris’ grandparents! I obviously wasn’t in the picture until 2012, but I’ve heard the stories like how Chris’ “Pop” dug out under the existing house and added a basement and the backyard has a slight elevation because they dumped all the dirt from the basement in the back (he got the kids and cousins to help take wheelbarrows of dirt out before they were allowed to play)… how his Grandma used to play hymns on the piano… how Pop used to grow an amazing garden of food… that the hook in the kitchen door frame was for the kids’ bouncy chair… that Grandma used to cook some amazing meals in the kitchen… that they added on to the house, twice… that Chris used to sit in the living room and listen to war stories and look at maps of the Pacific with Pop… that they used to frequently gather all the family together at the house… and so much more. Even though I never saw his Grandma and Pop in the house, I feel like I know them. I’ve heard enough stories about Grandma being such a sweetheart I can picture her in the living room with Chris and his cousins when they were little and I’ve heard enough Pop impressions that I picture him outside on his bucket working in the garden telling Chris how to tie up the tomatoes.

When I met Chris in 2012 he had just moved in to take care of the house since his grandmother was in a nursing home. He was just out of college so it was perfect timing for everyone. He quickly turned it into quite the bachelor pad. His workout equipment, TV, deer head, and mounted fish were all in the same room! It’s like he unloaded it all from his truck and dropped it in the room off the carport and that’s where everything stayed!

Little did he know what would happen when he met me!

At first I encouraged him to relocate his weights and workout bench to their own room. And after that I started bringing around throw pillows… although those didn’t last long because Kobe loved destroying pillows as a puppy (thanks a lot, Kobe!).

Fast forward to February 2014 and we officially became first time home-buyers when we bought the house from the estate. The process was a unlike most first timers though as Chris was already living in the house, we didn’t go look at any other houses with a Realtor, and probably several other things I’m forgetting.

And that’s when “our” stories in the house began!

Even though we only were in the house for two and a half years, we made the most of it. We got married in May 2014 and then jumped into renovating the house that August. “They say” renovations are hard on marriages, but don’t believe everything you hear - we loved the process. Yes, it was stressful but as we’ve both come to learn, we love house projects!

The photos below were taken by Patrick Sheehan when we listed our house for sale so you can see the final product!


Katherine Forbes | West Nashville home tour

[Photos by: Patrick Sheehan →]