My favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors - Greige edition

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find the perfect color for your room (maybe you even got to this post from Pinterest - if so, I hope it helps). These are the colors I used in our second house. As much as I love a good gray I had to go for the more beigey-grays aka greige at this house because of the color of the carpet. The swatches I grabbed from the Sherwin Williams site that you see above look much more brown than how it looked in person so keep scrolling for photos of what they look like IRL.


SW 6478

First impression: I picked this color because it was Joanna Gaines approved. I honestly expected it to be a bit more muted than it turned out but I still really liked it.

Comfort Gray

SW 6205

First impression: On the swatch this looked to be very blue-gray… but in real life it is more of a green-gray. Again, I really liked how it turned out. When I finished painting over the beige in our master bathroom with this color I instantly felt relaxed. It seriously is comforting just like the name suggests.

Agreeable Gray

SW 7029

First impression: This color turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! The screenshot of the swatch is seriously making me second guess that I’m even sharing the right color with you though. It looks so beige in the swatch but is very light gray on the walls!

Perfect Greige

SW 6073

First impression: This is exactly what I needed to make the beige carpet have a less beige feel! It’s a gray with a hint of beige. Or maybe it’s beige with a hint of gray? Either way, I used this color in the living room, entry, up the stairs and in the hallway, dining room ceiling, guest room… If you have beige carpet and are looking to decorate with grays, look no further - this is your paint color.

Black Fox

SW 7020

First impression: Again, this looks so much more brown on the digital swatch than it did on our walls. When it was wet it did look pretty brown, but it dried black! My sister-in-law and friend from college both used Black Fox in their homes after seeing pictures of it at our house… so maybe you should join in and do a wall or room with Black Fox too!


Katherine Forbes | Nashville home decor blog