Why you should listen to that “little voice in your head”

Do you ever have a thought and then immediately think, “no I can’t do that” or “that would never work” or “I don’t have enough time?”

Yeah, me too.

Recently the “little voice in my head” tried to say something to me. I didn’t want to listen. And then I put aside all the excuses (aka fear) and decide to take it’s advice. Here’s that story.

In June 2018, Chris and I decided to list our house for sale. His Aunt Susanne is a Realtor so as soon as we were ready to move forward with this idea, we gave her a call. She helped us list our house and throughout the process I kept thinking, “I’d be good at this - organizing contracts is my thing” and “I love prepping and staging our house for photos” and “I’m so glad Chris has taught me so much of what he learned from his years working in mortgage banking” and then I thought, “maybe I should get my real estate license.”

At first I tried to shut the idea out… I already have my own business and music community and I keep pretty busy with both of those, I don’t need to add another thing to my plate. Right?

But the thought wouldn’t go away so I emailed Susanne one morning from my cozy spot at Starbucks and asked her if she thought I could balance designing websites with doing real estate. She replied and said yes, and that I could work with her and she’d teach me everything she knows.

Even then was still questioning my little voice! Music is my thing!

I have a degree in piano performance and music technology.
I moved to Nashville because it’s “Music City.”
I work with musicians.
I have a community of females in the industry.
WHY does my little voice keep telling me to get my real estate license!?

Then I had lunch with my business friend Jamie. She’s also a graphic designer who works in the music industry… and she’s a songwriter and model too. I told her about this idea I had to get my real estate license and how I felt like I would be contradicting myself if I were to move forward with it because I have a community for women in music and my main message is that you can make it in the music business. I also admitted to her that even though I generally don’t care about what others think, I didn’t want people to think my design business was failing because I was starting something new and completely different. She was basically like, “Katherine! Don’t worry about what others will think, this is a smart business decision on your part, and if you want to do it, do it!”

After I left lunch I noticed that Susanne had emailed me a 40% off code for the required real estate course, and I knew it was meant to be. I purchased the course that day and started in on Unit 1 that night! By this point it was the end of July and our house showings were quickly heading to a complete stop with school starting back up for the fall. So since we’d just had an offer fall through, we weren’t getting much activity, and Susanne was going on a 2 week vacation - we decided to temporarily take our house off the market. Then the plan was for ME to be the agent and re-list it myself a couple weeks later! The pressure was on.

To get licensed as an affiliate broker, you’re required to take 90 hours of education, a state exam, and a national exam.

That’s a 👏🏼 lot 👏🏼 of 👏🏼 work 👏🏼

Plus my existing client work.

Plus continuing to run and grow my community.

Plus the stress that comes with moving and selling a house.

I was overwhelmed.

BUT I knew that once I got through the education part things would calm down.

Susanne ended up putting the house back on the market in mid-September (which ended up working out because we sold it to the same people who backed out in July… so it would’ve been her deal anyways). I was still pushing through though because I wanted to be the agent when we bought our next house.

September and October where a whirlwind to say the least. More showings meant keeping the house clean (all 3 floors of it) and taking Kobe on rides to Sonic and Chick-fil-a… I was still cranking out real estate education… and once we accepted “the” offer (early October) that meant I had to schedule and meet inspectors and workers at our house… then we went out of state for two weddings… then I had to study and take the exams (I passed both on the first try thank goodness)… and then I FINALLY I got my license. We had a month before we closed on our house which meant we were pushing it to find a new house and close on it the same day as the one we were selling.

Now if we stop right here in the story, it’s still easy to question my little voice, right? I mean, those few months were completely insane… but I’ll continue.

The day after I officially got my license number, I scheduled showings to see 7 houses. I picked Chris up from work that afternoon (I even got my car washed for him 😉) and we went around to see all the houses. I felt so official.

Of course, the one house Chris put on the list above our budget is the one we fell in love with (we’d already looked at houses earlier in the summer with Susanne and had been looking at listings online for about 5 months at this point). We went back to his office and called Michael Brown over at Churchill Mortgage to help us run the numbers… and the next day, we put in an offer! And by “we” I mean Chris and I made an offer on the house and I was the agent (with much guidance from Susanne)!

Now we live in our dream location in the cutest 1930’s house that we’re so excited to call our own.

Here’s the part where my little voice knew best… If you’ve been following me anywhere online for awhile, you might remember hearing me say that my goal for the 2nd half of the year was to launch 30 websites. Honestly, that was a money goal in disguise. I wanted to make a certain amount of money in 2018 and I estimated that 30 websites would get me there. Ultimately I came in several sites short, but with the income I made on the transaction of our home, it put me about $1,000 over my income goal for 2018.

So I’m learning to listen to that little voice… and to not let it be so little anymore. Even though our mind can come up with what seems like a million questions to shut it down, that little voice usually knows what’s best for us. You’ve probably heard a quote that goes something like “say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward” - Tiny Fey said that version - but for me this was totally the case. I had a money goal and a plan I thought would get me there. I fought my little voice when it tried to tell me otherwise, but in the end, listening to it is what help me hit that goal!

Katherine Forbes | Photo by Laura Schneider


October 19: OH HEY! 🏡🔑💕 I got my real estate license today but I’m so exhausted I don’t have much more to say right now other than, yay! 📷: Laura Schneider Photo

Katherine Forbes | Nashville REALTOR


November 14: Said goodbye to #livingonlillianlane today! I not only grew Designing the Row and Music Biz Besties in this room but I also grew a lot as a person and business owner in this space too! I often wish that my business was growing faster or that I was doing more but now that I think back on it, when we moved into this house I wasn’t even officially working full time for myself yet and Music Biz Besties wasn’t even a thing. We lived in this house for 2 years and 2 weeks... and today as I locked the door for good behind me, I felt extremely grateful. Grateful that this house fueled so much creativity, motivation, inspiration, and love. Bye Brentwood and hello to our next adventure! 🏡💕

McAlister & Young | Nashville closing


November 15: Big day!! 

Chris and I sold our house in Brentwood thanks to Susanne... and over the summer I decided I was having fun with all the listing contracts and showings (weird, I know) so I decided to put in the 90 hours to get my real estate license and got to be our agent on our Sylvan Park purchase today! Excited to not only be closer to the city but also to be on the McAlister & Young team as a Realtor! 🏡💕 (house pics will come soon!)


Katherine Forbes

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