Life Lessons Learned Through Music

Let the power of music inspire you to find confidence in all that you do.


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Music has taught me so many life lessons that I’ve been able to lean on lately as I’ve started my own business, walked through cancer with my husband, and so much more.

I’ve put all those lessons together, paired each with a classical piano piece, and have recorded them all to share with you.

My hope is that when you listen to my album, Life Lessons Learned Through Music, it will help you find the confidence to push through uncertainty and really go after what you want in life.


  1. Lesson #1: You can do hard things

  2. Liebesträume (Franz Liszt)

  3. Lesson #2: Shut out distractions and learn to focus

  4. Clair de lune (Claude Debussy)

  5. Lesson #3: Teaching others will improve your communication

  6. Lesson #4: Push your comfort zones

  7. Moonlight Sonata (Ludwig van Beethoven)

  8. Lesson #4 (cont’d): Moving to Nashville

  9. Lesson #5: Your unique purpose

  10. Bridges (Carter Larsen)

  11. Lesson #6: Do things just for you

  12. Fantaisie-Impromptu (Frédéric Chopin)

  13. Bonus Lesson: Listen to your heart

  14. Amazing Grace (arr. by Katherine Forbes)


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