Hey, I’m Katherine… and I’m so glad you’re here!

Over the past few years I’ve been building my website design business, Designing the Row, my community for women in music, Music Biz Besties, and most recently I’ve joined the McAlister & Young team as a real estate agent. During the process I’ve learned that stories are powerful. Stories are what connect us to each other.

I moved to Nashville the day after I graduated college because I wanted to start a career in the music industry. I didn’t know anyone, I’d never even been to visit, and I had no job or place to live. My husband (and his mom too) tells my story to everyone we meet. At first I was just like, “yeah whatever - not a big deal - other people have done the same.”

I was missing the point though! We connect to stories not because they are unique, but because we can relate… or because we want to learn… or because we’re inspired… or because the story opens our eyes to what’s possible! So, my goal with this site is to share my album of stories & music to inspire you to follow your heart and to let you in behind the scenes of decorating our home, building my businesses, and being a 30 year old trying to stay healthy while balancing a busy life … and I can’t wait to connect with you!


Katherine Forbes


Katherine Forbes

Life Lessons Learned Through Music

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